Career Opportunities

We are always looking for very special people to join or team!

However, we are fussy however about who we employ!

We want like-minded souls who will promote our passion for the industry and have the highest standards in everything they do.

We want trainers who students aspire to, that are kind, caring and compassionate.

Most importantly we look for trainers who will nurture each and every student to reach their full potential and understand as a trainer, we have the privilege and power

to transform people’s lives.

This requires a very special type of person, and although it is hard work, it is also fun, and extremely rewarding.

Most of our staff have been with us for many years, leaving only for maternity leave then returning.

We also like to give back to our staff and show them how much we appreciate everything they do.

We pamper them on their birthday, reward them for their hard work with gifts at graduation. We spoil them with beautiful dinners and when possible

take them away on beautiful retreats so they also can relax, renew restore and rejuvenate.

We have flexible hours to cater for individual situations, a well-structured and organised curriculum, and importantly a fun and caring work environment

where each person feels valued as important part of our success.

The academy also provides many professional development opportunities for all trainers to update their knowledge  and remain industries leaders.

If the above sounds like you, and you would like to be part of our very special group of women, please email your resume to and we will

certainly keep you in mind for any vacancies that may come up


View our gallery below for a glimpse of “life as an educator” with the Australian Academy of Beauty Dermal and Laser Pty ltd”