AABT5022 Advanced Laser IPL and Dermal Therapies

This course has been specially designed after extensive consultation with industry experts to ensure graduates have the required skills and knowledge to work with laser and IPL equipment upon graduating and be able to perform a range of Dermal Therapy and Laser hair reduction treatments.

Laser hair reduction and Dermal Therapy treatments are in high demand in today’s modern salon and this course will ensure that the therapist is able to perform the treatments safety for both the client and for themselves. See Accreditation below

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have specialised knowledge to design and safely apply IPL and laser to reduce unwanted hair on face and body and to safely perform a range of Dermal Therapy and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments.

The course satisfies the requirements for a laser safety licence in Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

Classes are held at Bella Vista, Rockdale and North Strathfield and run for  24- 46 weeks  according to individual needs

Attendance requirements

Semester 1.

  • 10 day block for face to face theory and practical application.  ( this is one day a week for 10 weeks, Weekdays and Saturdays are available)

0r one evening a week online with your trainer for 10 weeks. ( Thursday evening)

  • Self paced study continuing and completing theory component online and with your trainer assistance

Semester 2 – Clinical placement

  •  150  practical hours in our  Dermal clinic under the guidance of our fully qualified Laser and Dermal Therapy Trainers and Assessors.
  •  For those already working in the industry 100 of these hours can be completed externally under suitably qualified supervisors
  •  We train on the best Candela, Derma Pen Australia and Adena equipment.


Entry to this qualification is open to individuals who:

  • Have completed or are enrolled in the SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • Have completed SHBBINF002 Maintain infection control standards


  • Have relevant experience in the application of knowledge in human biology, anatomy and physiology. (e.g Bachelor of Dermal Sciences)
AABT001 Identify laser and IPL safety hazards and apply laser safety protocols to minimise risks

  • This unit satisfies the requirements for a Laser Officer Safety Certificate Queensland  approval No ED278
  • This unit satisfies the requirements for those wishing to obtain a licence for Laser hair removal in Western Australia and approved by Western Australia Radiological council.
  • This unit satisfies Tasmanian Department of Health Radiation Unit laser safety requirements and recipients may apply for a licence to use laser under supervision in Tasmania. This laser safety course  is on their Approved course register
AABT002   Consult with clients and design treatment programs for laser  or  IPL  hair reduction
AABT003   Perform laser or  IPL  hair reduction treatments
AABT004   Consult with clients and design treatment programs for laser and IPL skin  rejuvenation treatments
AABT005   Perform Laser  or IPL skin rejuvenation treatments
AABT006   Consult with client and design specialised Dermal Therapy treatment programs
AABT006A Consult with clients and provide advice on advanced dermal products
AABT007   Consult with clients and design light emitting diode treatments
AABT008   Perform LED light therapy treatments
AABT009  Perform  superficial skin needling treatments
AABT010  Perform  cosmeceutical peel treatments
AABT011  Apply skin science in a dermal therapy context

Payment Options
Attendance Choices

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Course Name
AABT5022 Advanced Laser IPL and Dermal Therapies
Course Code

6-12 Months

Online plus compulsory Face to Face theory and practical block, Home Study and Clinical placement- available in our clinic
Attendance Choices

Bella Vista
North Strathfield

Starting Dates


Tuesday 8th March for 10 Tuesdays
Wednesday 9th March for 10 Wednesdays
Thursday 10th march for 10 Thursdays
Saturday 12th March for 10 saturdays

Thursday 19th May for 10 Thursdays
Saturday 21st May for 10 Saturdays

Thursday 11th August for 10 Thursdays
Tuesday 9th August for 10 Tuesdays
Saturday 13th August for 10 Saturdays

Thursday 19th October for 10 weeks
Saturday 22nd october 2022



One of the units that make up this course AABT001 Identify Laser and IPL Safety hazards and apply laser safety protocols to minimise risks is recognised by the Government of Western Australia Radiological Council for satisfying the requirements for people wishing to obtain a laser licence in Western Australia. It is also approved by Queensland Radiation Health approval Number ED278 and on the approved course register for those wishing to obtain a Laser Licence in Tasmania through the Department of Health, Radiation protection Unit. This course is not a Nationally Accredited course.
Students that have completed SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy or SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy will receive one year's credit towards a Bachelor of Dermal Science with Victoria University and extra credit can be applied for through RPL for those students who have completed AABT5022 Advanced Laser IPL and Dermal therapies.

Program Fees

$10,000 for current students
$15,000 for external students