University Pathway – Dermal Therapies

Enter a new and exciting industry with this Bachelor of Dermal Sciences course. Graduates of this course provide competent, efficient and compassionate clinical care in the dermal profession.

The Australian Academy of Beauty Dermal and Laser Pty Ltd has developed a pathway with Victoria University for our Diploma graduates to progress to a Bachelor of Dermal Sciences. Successful graduates of the SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy receive 12 months credit towards their degree.

This course will help you to develop a comprehensive foundation knowledge in all areas of dermal science and the skills to perform safe and effective dermal treatments. Dermal procedures covered include a range of laser and light based treatments, resurfacing procedures, lymphatic procedures. You will also learn how to provide pre and post-operative care for clients who have undergone plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

During the course you will undertake clinical training in a variety of settings. You will learn to identify, evaluate and manage the physical, psychological and social needs of clients and members of the community undergoing dermal assessment and treatment for conditions such as:

  • wound healing
  • scarring
  • pre/post-operative skin care
  • fluid retention
  • inflammatory conditions
  • skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea
  • uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  • ageing or sun damaged skin
  • removal of excess hair, tattoos, skin tags and leg veins.

The Dermal Sciences degree also provides a seamless transition from Vocational Education  into the Higher Education qualification. It gives qualified beauty therapists the opportunity to establish and develop knowledge and skills in advanced dermal therapy treatments, and receive additional training such as para-medical dermal care.


The dermal therapies industry is growing rapidly as consumer demand increases. In response, our course is designed in collaboration with industry and the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians to include the latest technological developments, theory and hands-on experience to ensure you’re work ready.

Job titles

  • Dermal therapist
  • Dermal clinician.

Organisations employing dermal therapy graduates

Dermal Therapists can work independently or hand-in-hand with reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons, dermatologists and general practitioners in clinics, medical practices, advanced beauty and cosmetic settings.

  • Working in plastic, cosmetic and dermatology medical practices
  • Working in dermal therapies clinics, performing aesthetic medical treatments, such as laser, on clients
  • Work together with plastic and cosmetic surgeons as well as other healthcare and allied health professionals to enhance aesthetic outcomes in areas like cosmetic, plastic and re-constructive surgery
  • Work in the vocational education sector as beauty educators
  • Conducting training for medical aesthetic companies.

Employment rates

You will be in high demand with this qualification, with an ageing population and increasing popularity of cosmetic treatments in Australia.

Practical placements

An important component of this course is clinical practice in a wide variety of dermal treatments at our Dermal Clinic. You will gain hands-on experience using some of the most advanced, evidenced based technologies available to give you confidence and an industry edge.

You will practice these under supervision and will also be given external placement opportunities.

For further information on this degree please visit:
Bachelor of Dermal Science


The Academy has a pathway into the Bachelor of Dermal Science course at Victoria University