Meet our CEO

From humble beginnings, opening her first salon in 1980, Suzanne has been a pioneer in the Australian beauty industry. The Australian Academy of Beauty  Dermal and Laser Pty Ltd  has grown to be one of the largest private beauty colleges in Australia, and the preferred choice of Industry employers!

Suzanne’s vision for Beauty therapy training has not waived over this time.

“We strive to create Australia’s leading beauty Therapists, in a caring nurturing environment, where each student is supported and mentored by trainers who truly believe in them”

“I opened my first salon in 1980, even then wanting to provide the best skin treatments possible. The business was an instant success due to our innovative treatments and staff that truly cared about the clients”

Soon after I was asked if I could teach others, beauty therapy techniques so we put an advertisement  in the local paper, and had 6 students join our very first Academy, each paying $900 for their beauty therapy training.

I realized immediately I had found my calling!

At our first graduation ceremony in 1982  at the chinese restaurant  at Dural, I was filled with pride and humility as each of these girls went out into the world full of confidence and ready to start a wonderful career, in beauty therapy with such a range of opportunities.

This is where my  vision for the Academy was born.

I realised we  had the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives.

By providing the best education where each student irrespective of their background, is nurtured and guided  everyone had the opportunity to achieve their dreams and have a bright future.

The college continued to grow and I wrote our own beauty therapy curriculum which was accredited by VETAB  in 1997.

In 1998, we became one of the first Nationally Recognised Registered Training Organisations specialising in Beauty Therapy.

I love this industry!  It is constantly changing, and more and more opportunities are opening for career pathways.

People sometimes ask me what is the secret of my success  and I say hard work and loving what you do. Most weeks I work an 80 hour week but I love what I do so it is not a burden.

One of my other greatest passions  is my family and my 13 grandchildren and this industry enables me to combine my 2 loves perfectly!

I like to share my story with students, so they can see that with our help, dreams can become reality.”