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1. If it’s too cheap, there is usually a reason…

Non-accredited beauty courses are sold all over the internet. If something seems too cheap or much cheaper than others, there is usually a good reason! Expect rented classrooms, or no classrooms, online learning from non-accredited trainers, and non-accredited “homemade” certificates. These courses are a waste of your time and money!

If you want to open your own business or work for an industry leader, high quality training is essential. You may find it difficult to get professional indemnity insurance insurance without a qualification from a Registered Training Organization (RTO). You get what you pay for!

2. Don’t waste time…

It’s almost impossible to find work in leading spas and salons if you have only completed  a couple of short courses. They are fine for personal interest however employers of leading spas and clinics want therapists who can perform not only a whole range of beauty, laser, and dermal treatments but also have sound salon management skills.

Maybe you dream of opening your own Day Spa or Laser clinic, or perhaps you want to manage or work for a global cosmetic brand? Some people see themselves travelling and working in destination Day Spas, cruise ships, and wellness retreats. Don’t waste time doing short courses! A short course will not provide the skills you need to follow any of these career pathways!

3. Swim before you can dive…

You want to become a Laser Dermal technician, but you’re not really interested in studying a full Beauty Diploma? Think of it like learning to swim. You have to be able to swim before you can dive. You must be able to master the skills of facials, advanced facials, skin science, and consultation before you provide safe laser and dermal skills. Clients expect and have a right to be treated by a fully qualified professional who is trained and experienced and can provide advice on all beauty treatments and make professional skincare recommendations.

Cheap Laser and Dermal courses are available online, and even in some workplaces  but beware;

If a Diploma of Beauty Therapy  or substantial beauty therapy  training is not a pre or  co- requesite with your training, you will not have the  additional skills and knowledge  required to perform safe and professional laser and dermal treatments.

Would you trust someone who has done an online laser course and has no underlying beauty , skin science and infection control qualifications to perform a laser treatment on your face?

4. Smoke and Mirrors…

Ok, so the website looks good, it has great pictures, a funny TikTok account, basic stock photos on Instagram and Facebook, it looks okay?

BUT before you study anywhere, you must do three things.

  1. Call them – does someone answer the phone, or does it go straight to the message bank? Is the person who answers your inquiry knowledgeable and helpful? Can they give you the information you need, or are they unable to answer your questions? (alarm bells).
  2. Ask to visit the college for a tour – if they don’t want to give you a tour, it’s because there isn’t much to see. Basic, unprofessional facilities or no facilities at all. If someone is only offering you online learning, save your money. They seldom have learning facilities or even qualified trainers. Beauty is a hands-on service; everything you learn requires thoroughly taught practical skills and state-of-the-art equipment.
  3. Do your research, do they have a clinic for you to practice your skills, can you contact management  at any time? How many in my class? Is there enough equipment, are my trainers qualified with sound industry experience?

5. Wow, it’s completely online…

Don’t have to attend classes! They will send you a kit with instructions! Sounds great! IT IS NOT… Imagine trying to teach yourself how to become a nurse without ever going into a hospital, no classes, no face-to-face training, no patients, and trying to learn with your small kit and instructions. It is exactly the same with beauty therapy. Face-to-face, hands-on training is essential to gain beauty therapy skills.

Stay away from online courses  that do not include hands on face to face tuition on their premises, carefully watched by a fully qualified Trainer and Assessor, and save your money.

6. How do I know if the college I choose is registered ? More smoke and mirrors!

They say words like approved and registered, but how do you know if the college is approved and registered? A registered and approved college in Australia is known as a Registered Training Organization (RTO). Look for the words RTO with a number displayed on their website to be assured of quality education.

7. Keep it small…

This is an example of when bigger isn’t better. Always ask how many students will be in your class; anything over 16 is too many for an educator to provide high-quality training, assessment, and personalized attention and mentoring.

8. What are industry leaders looking for?

Beauty salon and Dermal Clinic owners are looking for therapists with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Laser, Dermal, and Salon Management training. They want graduates from a beauty college who are industry-ready! To become industry-ready, hands-on practical clinical experience, structured as part of the learning experience is essential. Ensure your college not only has exceptional classrooms but also a purpose-built student clinic. The clinic must be part of your campus and have private treatment rooms, laser rooms, consultation areas, and spa facilities. A curtained-off section of a training room or asking you to find your own work experience at a random salon is not quality training, and you will not be industry-ready or employable!

9. How do I become a Beauty “Boss?

Like many students today  you may be looking at one day having your own business, whether it be a small business from home or a larger franchise-type business. Do you have the salon management skills to ensure your business succeeds?

You are probably like many students today who would one day like to have their own business, whether it be a small business from home or a larger franchise-type business consider what salon management skills you have?

Many new salon owners fail in their first year because they do not have basic skills or knowledge to successfully run or manage a salon. If your dream is to have your own business, providing financial security for your family and the opportunity to work from home at hours that suit your family life management skills are a must. A Salon Management Diploma can easily be studied in conjunction with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and will fully prepare you for what you need to succeed.

10. Bit Scary…

Starting anything new is a bit scary but by choosing the right environment, you will be surrounded by like-minded classmates who, like you, have dreams that may include having their own business one day, becoming financially independent, working hours to fit in with family needs, and becoming a leading and respected Beauty and Dermal Therapist. The right college will be there for you from the very first phone call. Throughout your journey, you will be supported by fun-loving yet nurturing trainers to help you achieve your dreams. You will make lifelong friends, and in one year’s time, will wish you had started it sooner.