Evening Classes

Evening classes are held 2 evenings a week Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm – 9pm for 18 months. The last 6 months the evenings are spent in student clinic practicing on clients. In addition a further night is required for a webinar( at home) with your trainer either weekly or sometimes fortnightly for 12 months.

A further day per week (normally Saturday) commences 6 months after commencing for day spa practical experience and this continues until 400 hours are completed, normally one day a week for 12 months. Total time to complete course 18 months.

In addition to classroom attendance and work experience, home study hours are required for research tasks, underpinning knowledge assessments and self paced study which will vary according to individual student needs.

Electives and Product schools are normally held during the day and will involve several days towards the end of the course. Dates will be advised well in advance however for all evening students to plan ahead.

Evening students will be required to attend some day classes for electives but ample notice will be provided. Some electives are not held in the evening due to availability of guest lecturers.